About Us

About the Health Coverage Unit

The Health Coverage Unit (HCU) offers San Mateo County residents free assistance with enrollment and retention in federal, state and local health coverage programs.

Community Health Advocates

Our team of Community Health Advocates conducts outreach activities to inform uninsured adults and families with children about opportunities to get affordable health coverage. We reach more than 70,000 residents per year through our services.

We are a public-private partnership that includes community-based organizations, school districts, the San Mateo County Health System, and other safety net clinics. We work closely with the Human Services Agency to connect those clients who qualify for Medi-Cal in following up on eligibility or coverage renewal issues, and with the Health Plan of San Mateo for participants whose coverage is managed by HPSM.

Management & Organizational Structure

The Health Coverage Unit (HCU) is led by the Director of Strategic Operations at the San Mateo Health System. The HCU manages outreach contracts with six community based organizations. An administrative team of one manager and three supervisors oversee a staff of Community Health Advocates (CHA).

The Community Health Advocate team and network:

  • Reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of San Mateo County residents
  • Have piloted innovative technologies that streamline the application and renewal process
  • Have maintained universal health coverage for children in San Mateo County with no waiting list